Cyren is a leading provider of innovative Office 365 email security for medium to large enterprises. Delivered as a native cloud service, Cyren’s inbox detection and response (IDR) solution establish a new IDR layer of automated security to detect and remediate phishing, BEC, and malware threats that have penetrated existing defenses and reached the user mailbox.

Cyren Inbox Security employs continuous monitoring and detection together with real-time analysis and automated remediation to protect organizations and their data against security breaches and to reduce the cost of threat-hunting and resolution.

While onboarding is transparent to Office 365 users, prominent warning banners and one-click remediation buttons actively engage employees in cyber defense and improve the overall security posture of the organization.

ENCADE is supported by a knowledgeable and experienced team who can advise where Cyren solutions might be a good fit for its customers. ENCADE’s deep understanding of the full technology stack ideally places it to embed security into every layer of an organization, whether they are looking to transform their business with a cloud forward approach, modernize their data center, push data to the edge and connect more devices, deliver services via the web or web applications, or improve the user experience for their staff and customers. ENCADE can support its customers at any stage of their security journey.

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