Carbon Black is a cybersecurity company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, and has been developing antivirus solutions for over 15 years to protect against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Carbon Black develops cloud-native endpoint security software that is designed to detect malicious behavior and help prevent malicious files from attacking an organization. 

Carbon Black Product Offerings

The Predictive Security Cloud

  • CB Defense ‒ Consolidates security using a lightweight, single agent, console and dataset to stop malware and non-malware attacks
  • CB Threathunter ‒ Delivers cloud-based threat hunting and incident response (IR) with unfiltered visibility for top security operations centers (SOCs) and IR teams
  • CB LiveOps ‒ Provides security operations with system audit and remote response capabilities for endpoints and containers from a cloud-native endpoint protection platform
  • CB Threatsight ‒ Offers managed alert monitoring and triage services staffed by a dedicated team of seasoned threat experts who keep watch and provide notifications of emerging threats 24x7x365

On-Premises Solutions

  • CB Protect ‒ Locks down servers, critical systems, and fixed-function devices in highly regulated environments
  • CB Response ‒ Highly scalable, real-time threat hunting and incident response (IR) solution that delivers unfiltered visibility for top security operations centers and IR teams

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